Arrowmont: Utilitarian Clay VII

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Past Presenters Exhibition

In conjunction with this amazing symposium, Arrowmont curates an exhibition of past presenters presenters spanning the years of 1992-2012 in the Drown Gallery on their campus. The Opening Reception is Wednesday, September 21st,  5:30-7:30pm!  Objective clay was born out of the energy and community that this symposium fosters.  We are so grateful and proud to be showing our work at Arrowmont.  Many of us will be attending the whole conference...  Join in!


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Held every four years since 1992, Arrowmont’s Utilitarian Clay Symposium enjoys a national reputation within the ceramics community. Celebrating and appreciating the limitless interpretations of the utilitarian clay object, the Symposium attracts those who are interested in the practical concerns with making functional objects and the more theoretical issues related to the field. The Symposium, limited to only 200 attendees provides an intimate atmosphere for meaningful and on-going dialogue, in-depth conversations, great food and social activities.

Linda Arbuckle · Andy Brayman · Sam Chung · Josh Copus · Chandra Debuse · Adam Field · Giselle Hicks · Meredith Host · Ole Jensen · Kristen Kieffer · Simon Levin · Robbie Lobell · Peter Pincus · Pete Pinnell · Linda Sikora · Shoko Teruyama · Takeshi Yasuda

Derek Au · Rebecca Chappell · Claydies (Karen Kjaeldgaard Larsen & Tine Brokso) · Maggie Finlayson · Hiroe Hanazono · Kenyon Hansen · Todd Hayes · Mike Helke · Mitch Iburg · Erica Iman · Tom Jaszczak · Lydia Johnson · Yoonjee Kwak · Catie Miller · Norleen Nosri · Sean O’Connell · Sean Scott

Keynote Speaker: Christopher Benfey, Author: Red Brick, Black Mountain, White Clay.
• 40 Studio Demonstrations/Presentations by the Symposium Presenters.
• Two evening panel discussions on relevant pottery topics by the Symposium Presenters.
Panel Moderator: Sequoia Miller, potter and Art History, PhD candidate, Yale University.
Historical & Aesthetic Lecture. Hold it right there: how people and pottery interact.” Pete Pinnell, potter and professor, Department of Art & Art History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
“Potters Favorite Pots” A round table, informal conversation with all 17 Presenters discussing their “Favorite Pots” brought from home and on exhibit at Arrowmont.
Exhibitions Opening & Reception. Wednesday, September 21st. 5:30-7:30pm.
• Live Bluegrass music, BBQ and dancing under the stars.
Symposium participant cup exchange. Optional. Each participant is asked to bring a cup. A system for cup exchange among those participants will be initiated on
Thursday morning before breakfast.

• Presenters Exhibition. 34 works by 17 National Presenters. Blain Gallery.
•Invited Artists Exhibition. 85 works by 17 “Invited Artists.” Blain Gallery.
• Past Presenters Exhibition. Past Symposium Presenters (1992-2012). Drown Gallery.
• Potters Favorite Pots Exhibition. From the collections of presenters. Blain Gallery.
• Bill Griffith Retrospect Exhibition. Wolpert Gallery.

Official registration opens April 11, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. EST by phone only at 865-436-5860.
Registration fee is $485. Includes all meals served in the Arrowmont dining room.
Affordable housing options available.


P.O. Box 567
556 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738