National Clay Week

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National Clay Week

National Clay Week is about connecting and getting people involved in the experience of clay.

Not everyone has access to galleries, workshops, or a clay community, but most have access to the Internet. This is the core concept behind National Clay Week. Our goal is to unite the clay communities; potters, factories, engineers... everyone!

We are going to accomplish this by hosting 2-3 events per day that will happen digitally and physically. Events will take place at locations all over the world while others are broadcast to those who can't attend.  

Together we will make National Clay Week an event for everyone!

There are many ways to Get Involved!

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How To Video - DIY Studio Equipment/tools Award: 

Video Contest Award:

How to Videos: DIY for Studio Equipment - Upcycling materials to create, improve, and experiment with studio equipment and tools. Video entries can include making your own tools, customizing equipment, time saving tricks, the crafting personal tools/equipment using found objects.

Videos will be judged on the following:

  1. Length (use of time)

  2. Clarity and Quality (visual and audible)

  3. Content (your idea is easy to understand and follow)

  4. Creativity (inventiveness of idea and techniques)

  5. Entertainment & Education Value (video keeps the attention of viewer)

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Day Themes
10.10.16 Using Handmade

10.11.16 Conversation

10.12.16 Collaborate/ Development

10.13.16 Nuts and bolts

10.14.16 Community Outreach

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Objective Clay

Timeline For Submission:
Submissions: Due August 8th, 2016
Winner Announced: October 13th, 2016

Juried by: Objective Clay

Winners Receive:

  • $500 in Materials
  • National Recognitions for Video
  • Honorary Member of the Next Year’s NCW