The Garden Show
is Live on our website!

This exhibition features vases & garden related items made by Objective Clay Members.

Jennifer Allen

Objective Clay: The Cup

During our summer 2016 residency at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, we produced a DVD featuring our members sharing their ideas and processes.  View trailers from the full length feature by following the linked image or by receiving an access code with the purchase of our work at NCECA this week!

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Objective Clay is Featured in the 2017 February Ceramics Monthly!

Thank you to the author Joe Molinaro! (Read Now)

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Objective Clay's Upcoming Events

Garden Show with Objective Clay Artists, June 15th-30th
Solo Show: Emily Schroeder Willis, July 15th-August 15th
Solo Show: Jennifer Allen, August 1st-30th
Solo Show: Deb Schwartzkopf, August 15th-September 15th
Solo Show: Blair Clemo, September 1st-30th
Rat City Studios: September 15th-October 15th
Jewelry Show: October 15th-November 15th
Objective Clay Online Holiday Exhibition, November 27th-December 15th