Ceramic Rib Casting in Process at WVU

Ceramic Rib Casting in Process at WVU

NCECA RIB HUNT PROJECT: With WVU & EER Collective + Sponsers!


Description: During the Kansas City NCECA Conference 2016, EER Collective will be hiding 300-500 ceramic bbq ribs throughout the various venues associated with the conference. This treasure hunt will encourage people to actively find the ceramics ribs take a selfie (upload on various social media sites) and then bring them to the WVU/Archie Bray/RedStar/Belger Crane Yard Art Party on Friday, March 18, 2016 where they can be redeemed for amazing prizes ranging from tools donated by Ceramics Supply/Standard Ceramics, t-shirts, NCECA Student Memberships (for 2017) and handmade ceramics.

Facebook Events and Pages Links
FB: nceca rib hunt
FB: eer arts collective
FB: West Virginia University Ceramics

-       #ncecaribhunt
-       #wvuceramics
-       #eerartscollective
-       #nceca

Instagram Feeds to Follow for Clues
-       NCECA Rib Hunt
-       errartscollective (EER Arts Collective)


Start- Tuesday, March 15, 2016 (throughout NCECA Conference Venues and exhibition sites, clues will be uploaded)

End- Friday, March 18, 2016 @ WVU/Archie Bray/RedStar/Belger Party 6-8pm
(redeem ribs for prizes during the party @ Belger Crane Yard Center)