Sunshine Cobb  did a short stint at Chico State University, California, before she went on to graduate with a BA in Studio Art from California State University at Sacramento, in 2004. Ceramics has been the major influence in her life for 15 years now. She is currently focusing on functional ware, embracing the richness of earthenware and currently is exploring the challenge of electric firing. She graduated from Utah State University with her MFA in Ceramics.  Sunshine finished a long term residency at the Archie Bray Foundation and was chosen as one of the 2013 NCECA Emerging Artists!  Since then she has set up her own studio in Sacramento, California! 

Artist Statement
"I want my work in clay to represent growth and accomplishment, in which I believe reminiscence and nostalgia play a part. I rely on texture and color to create a sense of motion and time in my work. By exploring and creating vessels kept within arm's' reach, I hope to communicate how an object’s significance can grow and change depending on the path of a person’s life. Through form and surface my goal is to communicate a sense of home and memory but also to evoke that feeling of wanderlust that has informed my own life and visual sensibilities."

To view more of Sunshine's work, visit her shop link above...