Jake Boggs
Invited by Shawn Spangler

OC: Where is your current studio (city, state)?
JB: I currently live and work in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

OC: How long have you been working in clay?
JB: I have been working academically in clay since 2010 and playing in mud since birth.

OC: Can you share a bit about your education or background?
JB: I was raised in a small coal mining town in eastern Kentucky where there wasn’t much to do except explore the mountains, fish, and build tree-houses. I think this upbringing in a slightly restricted environment allowed me to expand my imagination and creative capacity. I later attended Eastern Kentucky University where I hoped to go into wildlife management. After a freak experience in the mountains I changed my major to ceramics, dedicated myself to clay, and earned a BFA. I went directly into graduate school at The University of Hawai’i at Mānoa where I pursued various expressions of my passion of clay and the environment.

OC: What song/musician is a current go-to for studio tunes?
JB: My most recent go-to is John Grant of The Czars. He has an honest and dark sense of humor coupled with solid vocals, lyrics and composition.

For more information about Jake and his work, please visit his website: