Rat City Living - Jake Fetterman

Jake Fetterman

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Website: www.jakefetterman.com

Jake Fetterman grew up near Seattle, Washington raised by parents with a strong sense of self sufficiency ingraining him with a down to earth attitude. He learned to love working with his hands by helping his parents build their 30' sailboat from scratch, gardening with his mother, and working in his father’s shop on his own projects as a kid. His love of handmade objects and the traditional  Slovakian objects of his heritage that surrounded him in his childhood pushes him to be an object maker. He dreams of building his own little house either on wheels or out of cob, homesteading somewhere, and starting his own studio. Jake Fetterman graduated from Western Washington University with a BFA in ceramics and sculpture in 2015 and now currently resides in Northern Washington working in an old dilapidated carriage barn, developing both functional and sculptural work for graduate school applications. 

Artist Statement:
My work is an attempt to acknowledge the forceful requirement of uniformity within this culture. The struggle to navigate this construct in day to day life forces me to embrace the disasters and awkwardness that is a direct result of my humanness. The paradox of trying to understand when to conform and when not to conform is a dilemma, when does it matter and when does it not, when is it self inflicted and when is it unavoidable.

My need to constantly experiment with material and process pushes me to create objects in a tactile way to accentuate the methods of construction, human presence, and materials. By pushing, scraping, breaking, rebuilding, and jerry-rigging I want an amalgamated surface of both messy and refined moments in an attempt to bear witness to my struggle to find the balance between chaos and control.

How have you come to work with Rat City Studios:
I was fortunate enough to be taken on as an assistant during 2016/2017 year. During my time here I was able to begin figuring out my studio practice and understand what techniques really interested me and made sense in my work. The ceramic family that is in Seattle is amazing and so supportive and I hope to end up there to be a part of it.