Rat City Living - Angie Cunningham

Angie Cunningham


Website: www.cunninghamceramics.com

Angela Cunningham first took a ceramics class at the suggestion of a high school teacher during Saturday detention. After receiving her BA in Philosophy from the College of William and Mary, she decided to put her degree on a shelf and pursue her love for art and ceramics.  She continued her art education in a post-baccalaureate  program at U-Mass Dartmouth, and soon after received an MFA from Penn State University in 2004. She is currently a studio artist working at Mudflat Studio in the Boston area.

Artist Statement:
I make objects that beg to be touched. Through sensuous surfaces, intricate details, and provocative imagery, I strive to draw viewers near to explore. As much as I want to seduce, I equally want to push people away – to awe with the beauty of an object and perhaps repulse with the details.

The imagery in my pieces is drawn largely from forms in nature. I am inspired by the seductive textures, elegant lines, and fertile energy of flowers. Fruits and vegetables fascinate me with their tantalizing colors, dense seed structure, and grotesque beauty.  The human body enters here and there – the curve of a hip, the softness of belly.

More and more, my obsessive process feeds the content of my work. I have given myself over to investment. Every part is sensitively considered, well-loved; details are rendered with an attentiveness that borders on obsession. I strive to capture a sense of exquisiteness in its richest definition.

How have you come to work with Rat City Studios:
Deb generously hosted me as Rat City Studio’s first visiting artist in spring 2017. Every day for two months, I witnessed an incredible sense of community and leadership. Deb heads the studio with the entrepreneurial drive of a businessperson, the care of a teacher, and the spirit of a pioneer woman. It was inspirational to observe and participate.

The time I spent at Rat Studio set the stage for my most productive studio time in years. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the generosity of everyone connected to the studio!