Rat City Living - Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones


Website: www.jordanjonespottery.com

Jordan Jones is a potter living on Whidbey Island in Washington state.  She recently completed a 3-year apprenticeship with Robbie Lobell. She creates functional pottery with playful and lively animals carved onto her pots. Aside from clay, she enjoys animals and plants, including tending to a small garden along with a flock of chickens and two stubborn goats.

Artist Statement:
I make functional pottery with lively and playful animals carved onto my pots.  I create stories and scenes with these animals, creating characters that people can see, relate, and connect with. Like many other potters, I believe that using handmade objects brings joy to people in their daily lives.  I want my pots to delight the people that use them. 

How have you come to work with Rat City Studios:
My connection with Rat City Studios started with meeting Deb Schwartzkopf.  About 5 years ago, I came to Whidbey island for an apprenticeship with Robbie Lobell.  I was new to the Seattle area, and I was eager to develop a sense of community here. I remember taking a field trip with a class of Robbie's to attend a workshop with Deb, and it was inspiring to see the studio space she was creating. At that time, Deb was also the president of the Washington Clay Arts Association. As I got involved with the WCA, I was able to see how passionate Deb is about cultivating community. She has certainly fostered a remarkable community with Rat City Studios. I am consistently in awe of the things that Rat City Studios accomplishes together. The studio is a thriving part of the community here, and it was an honor and delight to be invited to participate in their annual Build or Bust weekend in 2016.  It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by and work with wonderfully talented people in a cozy close-knit environment.  Rat City Studios inspires me to push myself and to continue to cultivate and engage my community.