Claire Thibodeau
Invited by Kip O’Krongly

OC: Where is your current studio?
CT: Currently a Graduate Candidate at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

OC: How long have you been working in clay?
CT: I have been working with ceramics for about five years. I took a few classes in high school and immediately fell in love.

OC: Can you share a bit about your education or background?
CT: I was born in Austin, TX but I primarily grew up in Amherst, MA. With an oil painter for a father and a fiber crafter for a mother, there was always a strong sensitivity textile, color, and pattern within our house. However, contrary to the hereditary artistic genes, my sister is a (democratic) politician.

I received my undergraduate degree from Alfred University where I was able to work with artists such as Linda Sikora and Anne Currier. I also have had the privilege to have a summer at Arrowmont where I first met Kip O’Krongly.

OC: What is your favorite thing about clay/the ceramic process?
CT: I love clay because of its malleable nature and how it has allowed me to translate my concepts in any direction. Within my current practice, I am able to shift from more sculptural or performance based work to making functional work.

To find out more about Claire and her work, please visit her website: