Courtney Childers
Invited by Lindsay Oesterritter

OC: Where is your current studio (city, state)?
CC: Huntington, West Virginia

OC: How long have you been working in clay?
CC: For about 4 years now. I had never worked with clay until taking a foundations class my sophomore year of college.

OC: What song/musician is a current go-to for studio tunes?
CC: Hop Along’s album, “Painted Shut” for sure. That and a variety of film scores-right now I’m stuck on the Hobbit.

OC: What is your favorite thing about clay/the ceramic process? 
CC: My absolute favorite part about the process – or my regular process – is wiping away excess slip, revealing crisp line work made by the inlay. I use mishima as a nod to the line work in comics, so it’s the moment that everything really starts to come together.

OC: Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
CC: Ideally, I would love to own a small studio that offers classes designed as a youth program, specifically focusing in rural Appalachia where the arts are not often as accessible in public education, while also nurturing and continuously expanding my own work.

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