Ornament - Contemporary Jewelry with Kari Radasch

Thoughts on Jewelry

I have always been interested in how nostalgia and memory becomes embedded in domestic objects. I think about this a lot when I make my work. Dishes, for example, have the unique ability to hold a warm, sentimental place in our lives. I often use motifs that recall a sense of discovery or a moment of joy and wonder. In my pots this can be seen as a rain cloud, a confetti storm, or the discovery of a unique feather. I started thinking about these sentimental collections as charms on a bracelet or necklace, and began literally using charms in my work a year ago. I like that these collected charms are unique to each of us and I also love the magical implications to the word “charm”. It has a sensibility that is both fun and “charming”. I used them first on my whiskey cups, where the cup, the charm and the act of drinking sparked a moment of reflection, interruption, and delight.

For over twenty years I have been jousting with the same set of dualities; notions of minimalism and excess, and kitsch and high art. In this vein, the idea of the classic gold and silver charm bracelet was devilishly undermined by my memory of my vintage 80’s Bell charm necklace. I loved the synthetic colors, chattering plastic, the immense selection of charms, and the endless ways to personalize my chain. My necklaces are a response to this recollection and also a celebration of clay, earthenware, the garden, my hands, memory, magic and the act of “making special”.

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