Objective Clay: 2017-2018 Job Descriptions

Lindsay Oesterritter- Director, Brian Jones- Secretary, Kip O'Krongly Treasurer/ Business Manager

gwendolyn yoppolo Education Manager, Sunshine Cobb Outreach Director, Doug Peltzman- Outreach Assistant, Bryan Hopkins- Events Administrator

Jennifer Allen Gallery- Manager, Emily Schroeder Willis- Gallery/ Sales /Administrator, Deb Schwartzkopf- Website Manager, Blair Clemo- Newsletter Editor
Shawn Spangler- Written Content Manager

We meet monthly as a group via Google Hangouts the 2nd Sunday of every month.
● ADMIN TEAM Meets 20 minutes prior to monthly meeting
Works to clarify and organize online surveys to focus group voting

Director - Lindsay Oesterritter
● Organizes and presides over monthly OC meetings
● Prepares meeting agenda
● Collects information from members and creates agenda to go out the week before the meeting
● Keeps meetings on task and within the timeframe (usually an hour)
● Acts as Presiding Officer when a “move to vote” (motion) is made
● Follows Robert’s Rules of Order of proper steps in carrying out a motion to vote (once motion is made and seconded, discussion takes place, then vote is administered and counted and motion is either adopted or defeated)
● Names person in charge of carrying out action from a vote (for instance, if it is a bylaw amendment, the secretary would be named; if it is a website change, the website manager would be in charge of carrying out the action)
● Makes sure voted actions are carried out in a timely manner by setting a deadline to have action completed
● Sends out reminders about deadlines when necessary
● Communicates with all OC members via email, text, or phone call in a timely manner
● Works with everyone in an open dialog, considering all sides of a matter and being as transparent as possible
● Makes sure that all members feel their opinions are being considered in voting
●Works to streamline communication among members
● Communicates with all OC Teams
● Checks in with all OC teams to make sure projects are on task
● Works with the Outreach Director and Gallery Manager and Admin Team on Annual Retreat.
● Works Directly with other members on specific tasks, i.e. legal representation, promotion strategy, budget, etc.
● Enforces Accountability
● Contacts members and makes them aware if they have missed more than three meetings, or aren’t adhering to the bylaws, or are not fulfilling their job duties as specified in their job descriptions
● Information on meeting attendance is received from the Secretary
● Information on not fulfilling specific job duties is received from others in the committee.
● Represents OC in interviews
● If unable to perform this task, Director will find another OC member to represent the group
● Orchestrates annual peer reviews
● Sends URGENT VOTE emails when necessary
● Subject line URGENT VOTE used to identify the email as a quick response email
● Email will be kept short and to the point

Secretary - Brian Jones
● Checks the oc@objectiveclay.com email account on a daily basis
● Responds to inquiries promptly
● Forwards emails directed towards a specific member to that person
● Keeps emails organized by assigning them a label
● Checks any new emails that are filtered directly to a label to make sure no action is needed
● Organizes and records all documents
● Files all current and relevant documents in Dropbox
● Keeps the files easy to use, for members searching for logos, past minutes, voting records, contact info., etc.
● Maintains archive of OC information and past documents on a Flash Drive
● Monitors the use of Google Drive for in process documents
● Manages the OC Google calendar
● Plugs in deadlines and important events
● Schedules OC Monthly Meetings by creating a Video Call on the calendar
● Makes sure that everyone has their calendar notifications set to notify them when a new event is created on the OC calendar - this sends them the email with a link to join the call
● Takes minutes at meetings and emails these to the group within one week of the meeting
● At the beginning of each meeting, presents the previous meeting’s minutes to the group for approval by vote
● Documents annual retreats for our records, with minutes, photographs of shared information, and follow-up survey
● Tracks meeting attendance
● Notifies Director when a member misses 3 (or more) per year
● Keeps a dated document of all votes made by the group and who the presiding officer named as responsible for carrying out task
● Keeps member contact information up to date
● Keeps physical files of any documents for the group’s activities if needed

Treasurer/Business Manager - Kip O'Krongly
● Applies for sales permits and business licenses
● Pays all bills
● Mails artist checks for sales by the 15 th of the following month
● Collects/files all receipts and issues reimbursements
● Gives financial report at OC monthly meetings
● Checks in with accountant on a monthly basis and approves all expenses/reimbursements
● Provides income information (from Squarespace, Square or other sales venues)
● Provides expense information (from Squarespace, Stripe, Paypal), and bank statements (from Wells Fargo)
● Collects capital investments (via Paypal)
● Sets annual budget based on group-approved operational costs
● Budget includes taxes and accountant expenditures, in addition to OC project budgets
● Works on budget reports for individual events (NCECA, etc.)
● Submits OC taxes in a timely manner, getting individual tax forms to members by April 1st or earlier.

WEB TEAM (Website Manager, Written Content Manager, Gallery Manager, Gallery Sales Admin, Newsletter Editor)

Website Manager - Deb Schwartzkopf
(Monthly content: homepage, workshops, etc.)
● Takes care of all website related tasks such as:
● Making sure links are working
● Keeping information up to date and accurate
● Ensuring branding is consistent across platforms
● Updates the website so that it is dynamic and user friendly
● Regularly Creates a new front page for the website with current happenings
● Merges the artist Information pages with the Shop page
● Communicates with Events Administrator, Written Content Manager, Newsletter Editor, Gallery Manager, etc. to ensure that all information is consistent
● Communicates with Gallery Director for cohesive branding

Written Content Manager - Shawn Spangler
(Articles/blog, social media)
● Develops annual schedule for members to post
● New content is posted every 10-14 days
● Coordinates with the Master Calendar for the various monthly/bi-monthly postings
● Helps generate ideas for written content on the Master Calendar
● Conveys content to be posted to the Newsletter Editor so that it can be advertised
● Provides Website Manager and Newsletter Editor with updated information and images
● Makes adjustments to schedule when contacted in advance that someone will not be able to post on time, when several posts are ready at the same time, or when a post is time sensitive
● Finds or develops fill-in content when possible
● Sends reminders 30 days ahead of posting deadline to members
● Schedules and manages general social media posts
● Schedules members’ posting times to Instagram/Facebook
● Coordinating with Outreach Director, Gallery Manager, and Events Administrator
● Reviews, edits, and publishes content
● Formats each post so that it looks good and so that pictures and writing flow well
● Ensures that links are working and videos are embedded and linked to the OC Youtube page
● Posts a link on Facebook to all new content
● Generates creative new ideas and directions for OC’s written content
● Makes the blog a resource for education
● Ensures that the blog is an open space, where members are free to post anything that they find relevant without restriction
● Makes the blog relevant to the rest of the site (i.e., members post new work in the shop and also do a blog post showing techniques used on those pots; or posts that build toward and reflect upon NCECA; etc.)

Gallery Manager - Jen Allen
( Exhibition Programming and online content)
● Works with the Gallery Sales Administrator to maintain the gallery page, making sure that it is updated regularly with new work
● Creates a yearly calendar of events for the online sales gallery 1 year in advance that is submitted to the group for approval
● In charge of generating ideas for Master Calendar with Education Manager and Outreach Director
● Calendar should be accessible to all members
● should include current year and at least one year in advance
● Communicates with Education Manager and Written Content Manager to ensure consistent branding
● Creates promotional materials for the gallery events, including writing press release statements to be posted on Social Media
● Shares promotional material with Events Administrator, Website Manager, Written Content Manager and Newsletter Editor for unified promotion.
● Posts gallery events to the calendar on the website, Instagram and Facebook pages.
● Closes Shop when needed.
● Updates the website so that it is dynamic and user friendly
● Creates searchability features on the website so objects can be searched by item
● Merges the artist Information pages with the Shop page
● Contacts and communicates with artists outside of OC for any events that reach beyond our members (holiday exhibition artists, etc.)
● Submits monthly sales report to Treasurer and Director in email to be included in meeting agenda.

Gallery Sales Administrator - Emily Schroeder Willis
(Inventories and Sales Requests)
● Ensures that artists posting work have posted it properly to go live at the proper time.
● Forwards sale notifications on to the artists within 24 hours of the purchase.
● Marks orders as complete on Squarespace
● Collects carrier and tracking information from artists
● Sends tracking and carrier info to customer via Squarespace
● If shipping from a purchase is delinquent (meaning no shipping information received within three business days), the Gallery Administrator is responsible for checking in with artist and communicating with customer.
● If a purchase gets lost in shipment, is responsible for working with artist, purchaser, and carrier to resolve issue.
● Issues any refunds required and informs Treasurer.
● Works on claims of broken work.
● Works as a team with the Gallery Manager in regards to Exhibition programming and related content.
● When a new sale goes live, the sales administrator is available (or has appointed someone to be available) to monitor early sales and ensure things operate smoothly.

Newsletter Editor - Blair Clemo
● Publishes monthly OC Newsletter using Mailchimp on the second Tuesday of every month
● Sends out a test preview of newsletter by Sunday night to Director and Website Manager so they can edit before newsletter goes live
● Makes sure that member info and job titles at bottom of newsletter are current
● Makes sure that the mission statement is current
● Creates a “catchy” email subject line that will entice/intrigue subscribers click to open
● Previews the completed newsletter in both mobile and desktop mode before posting live, making changes if it doesn’t work visually
● Creates an informative newsletter that links to the OC website and highlights current happenings with OC members
● Checks with Events and Web Teams to see if there is a specific thing they want highlighted
● Each month, feature the most current or most important thing at top of newsletter
● Refers to Master Calendar for monthly “themes” (for example, birth month, NCECA, holiday, etc.)
● Requests images and information from members that relates to current content (such as upcoming workshops, exhibitions, blog posts, etc.)
● Sends open calls for images and information that relate to the monthly

Written Content Manager- Shawn Spangler
● Gathers info from members throughout the month to see if they have something specific they want highlighted
● Makes sure member information highlighted in newsletter is consistent with other promotional outlets
● Each month, publish links to OC Website’s fresh blog articles, featured gallery/shop events, and upcoming workshops and events
● Communicates with Website Manager, Outreach Assistant, Written Content (Blog) Manager, and Gallery Manager to maintain a consistency between newsletter and website, social media, gallery, and blog
● Maintains open communication so that all promotional material is consistent, collecting images and information from above Managers
● Makes sure all links work properly:
● Checks links to websites
● Checks links to Instagram and Facebook
● Checks links to written content (blog)
● Checks links to OC Shop Page or Exhibition Page
● Makes sure information highlighted in newsletter is consistent with website, social media, written content, and gallery information
● Keeps an Excel spreadsheet of monthly metrics reports
● Maintains working knowledge of all metrics (viewable in Mailchimp) and strategizes how to improve next month’s newsletter
● Works on increasing subscribers
● Publishes additional newsletters that highlight special events (in addition to the monthly newsletter)
● Sends out a brief newsletter highlighting ONE event only, in the event that additional promotion is needed (for instance, the day before the Holiday Exhibition, sending out a newsletter that the “Holiday Exhibition opens tomorrow

EVENTS TEAM (Outreach Director, Outreach Assistant, Events Administrator, and Education Manager)

Outreach Director - Sunshine Cobb
(Promotions, volunteers, physical displays, NCECA, outsource misc. jobs to members)
● Leads all in-person events (workshops, fundraising, residencies, pottery sales, regional activities, kickstarter, NCECA, Pre Conference, etc.) Not the annual retreat.
● Plans in advance, actively seeking out workshop, sales, residency opportunities years ahead of time
● Sets a schedule so that members know what is expected (i.e., planning, travel, monetary obligations, etc.) and sends schedule to the OC group email
● Oversees and participates in the NCECA Committee
● Submits monthly report to the Director via email before the OC monthly meeting for the agenda, and presents brief report during the meeting
● Maintains open lines of communication with the Director, and all OC Members
● Develops a scholarship fund for a recent high school or BFA graduate, to be awarded on an annual basis
● In charge of generating ideas for Master Calendar with Education Manager and Gallery Manager
● Calendar should be accessible to all members and should include current year and at least one year in advance

Outreach Assistant - Doug Peltzman
● Work with Outreach Director as needed
● Press, Publications, Social Media
● Coordinates social media to ensure it is consistent across platforms

Events Administrator - Bryan Hopkins
● Proposal writing
● Sales Inventory for in person events
● works closely with the Treasurer and Gallery sales administrator
● Social Media for in person events.
● Works with Outreach Director to create a team to build/modify the booth for NCECA or similar in person events.
● Plans how the booth will travel or be built at given in person venues.
● In charge of sales during physical exhibitions (NCECA inventory, promotional materials, etc.)
● works on a team with the Treasurer to insure tracking of sales run smoothly
● If a collector requests the pots to be shipped from a physical event, is responsible for working with Gallery Sales Administrator and ensuring shipment of wares.
● If OC member needs pots shipped back from physical event and can not be there to do it themselves, is responsible to make sure pots get back to OC member.

Education Manager - gwendolyn yoppolo
● Is the lead contact for OC Workshops and other education related in person events.
● When a workshop and sales event happen together, works with the Outreach director to determine who will be the lead contact for the event.
● In charge of formally collecting ideas from members in terms of what they want to do that year, a year in advance.
● Works with the Gallery manager and Outreach Director on events when needed
● Creates a document for members to submit ideas that includes resources that are needed: budget, time, people, location of event, contributors outside OC
● Each year, pending approval, the accepted projects are worked into budget for the following year.
● In charge of generating ideas for Master Calendar with Gallery Manager and Outreach Director
● Calendar should be accessible to all members
● should include current year and at least one year in advance