Objective Clay

Objective Clay is a collective of twelve ceramic artists that developed out of the Utilitarian Clay Symposium at Arrowmont back in the fall of 2012.  We were all invited as early to mid-career artists from across the country, to present our work and ideas at the symposium.  Through the open environment that Arrowmont provided we discovered a camaraderie in our shared paths, and inspiration in our diverse ways of making and thinking.  As we presented together and shared ideas across those three intensive symposium days, we found a comfortable space with like minded makers to share concerns, ideas, and hopes.  From our early conversations in that fall of 2012, a goal was born to support each other, foster our careers, and contribute to our community.  In the years since our first meeting back in 2012, we have grown into a vibrant, open, group of makers and educators.  

As individual working artists, through the process of coming together we have learned a lot about creating a supportive group dynamic.  We are totally self managed - so each person digs in and takes on projects and tasks that benefit the group. Our varied strengths and shared passion for clay make us stronger and more dynamic together.  We thrive through our sharing of knowledge and grow as individuals both through the passing on of skills within the group and taking in information from fellow members.

Through the Objective Clay Collective, we both sell our work on our website and gather together to represent our work at yearly events. These direct relationships and conversations with our community who purchase and use our work is an important aspect of our collective.  Our continued aim is to provide connection and encouragement between our members and our supporters, while banding together for events to support OC artists engage the broader clay community.

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