A few things to note:

B.A. in Studio Art - California State University, Sacramento
M.F.A. - Utah State University, Logan

Where is your studio?  In development

What is your favorite museum?   The J. Paul Getty Museum is one of my favorites. Before the Getty Center was built I would go to the “Villa” often.  I would leave work early or not go altogether and just head to the villa and wander for a few hours. I have many fond memories of conversations with friends surround by amazing works of Van Gogh, Monet, Degas to name some of the big ones.  This was how I learned how to be at a museum. I would often go just to see a couple of paintings and then take off. It was close and easy to spend a little time with my  favorite artists.  I am not fond of going to museums today, I find them to crowded with people plugged into listening devises and not experiencing the art.  I still try and have recently had some wonderful visits to the Denver Museum, Clyfford Still Museum, Cy Twombley Museum…. not giving up hope that visiting museums can still be magical!

What place/person has been significant for your career?
When I think of my “career” I know the journey has been filled with so many folks that have supported and guided me that it is impossible to list or even pick one.  I think to before this all became a “career” and I think of my time as a nanny for a couple of kids who had amazing parents who trusted and thought me capable of caring for their kids.  Especially at a time that I didn’t have that kind of confidence in myself or any hope that I could achieve anything in the future.  I remember going to therapy around that time and complaining how I wanted my life to start. I remember feeling like my life was filled with all of these temporary experiences and how it led me to feel like I wasn't a part of anything. I felt overwhelmingly that my “real” life had yet to start.  I remember telling that story not that long ago and someone asking the next question, “When did your life start?” I answered without hesitation, “When I started taking care of the kids.”  It so surprised me because I hadn't even realized I thought that.   I look back now and see how the direction of my life started then with the care of those kids.  Having not had a wonderful childhood, full of negative experience I had an overwhelming fear of inheriting those bad traits from my parents and passing that on to the kids in my care.  That fear lead me to an examination of myself and lots of research on how to work with kids.   Having people believe in my abilities and to trust me to be a caregiver to their children had a tremendous impact on my life and propelled me forward in my ability to trust myself and to explore my capacities.   So a big thank you to those folks!  And yet another instance of how you never know where life will lead you, so be open to new experiences.  They may just change your life!

Talk about one of the books you picked for the bookshelf?  Currently I am listening to Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” - I find so many correlations between comedians lives and that of the ceramic artist journey.  I am enjoying the book, lots of laughs and a few tears!  I admire the honesty and the respect she has for the journey of a creative life!

Which mug do you drink from the most at home?  I try to spread it out , lots of lovely mugs to choose from… but today is a mug by Owen Nelson.

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