A few things to note:

B.A.   Transylvania University - Lexington, KY
M.A.   University of Louisville - Louisville, KY
M.F.A.  Utah State University - Logan, UT

Where is your studio?  Currently my studio is on campus where I teach full time, Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY.

What is your favorite museum?   The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

Tell us one thing nobody knows about you.  I have horrible directional sense. It is not uncommon for me to get lost in neighborhoods, and I keep maps in my car of places that I go to on a semi-regular bases, just in case.  Thankfully, I am really good at reading maps.

Lindsay's Wood Kiln in Kentucky

Lindsay's Wood Kiln in Kentucky

What is your first memory of making art?  I have always been a collector of things. I would go around the house, find different objects and figure out a way to bring them together. One of these combinations that stand out in my mind is using my mom’s eye shadows with scotch tape. I would rub the back of scotch tape with the different colors that I could find, then piece these new small sheets of transparent color together. It would be a sculpture, or something wearable, or just layers of color.

Which mug do you drink from the most at home?  I bought a mug by Kyla Toomey at the last NCECA and it seems to be the one I currently pick up the most. 

Objective Clay was founded by fourteen artists with a shared vision to create an artist established and maintained online space.  This space functions as a gallery to view our latest work as well as a window into our current thoughts in process. By sharing our ideas and opening our studios, we invite artists, non-artists, educators, and students to actively engage in our artistic practices. In this virtual studio, the people who love pots can view/purchase new work and form direct relationships with the artists who make them.